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LSBL Boys Basketball League registration form


Congratulations Champions!

Boys NIT             Cocalico

Girls NIT       Garden Spot

         Boys Championship      LS Blue

        Girls Championship      LS Blue

     Boys 5th Grade        Hershey

       Girls 5th Grade        Hempfield


To all parents & coaches of travel league players:

The Lanco Travel League has a high expectation of sportsmanship from all players, coaches and fans. Any actions meant to demean opposing players, coaches, spectators or officials will not be tolerated and can result in your removal from the gym without warning . Games will involve mutual respect from all players, coaches, fans and officials. Please remember you are there to cheer for your son/daughter and that it is a privilege to attend the games and not a right.
Any coach, player or fan who is ejected from a game is automatically suspended from attending the next game that his/her team plays and this is not subject to appeal. If a coach or fan does not leave the gym when asked to by the official they will can face further discipline which will include additional games added on to suspension and/or penalties to the team. Any coach or fan who is a repeat offender will face additional games added on to suspension and/or penalties to the team. If a fan is suspended from a game and attends the game anyway, that team will forfeit the game and will not be permitted to participate in the post season playoffs. Let's make this season a positive experience for all the players




If you have any questions , please e-mail us or

Any payments can be made out to Lanco Travel Basketball and mailed to: 165 Riders Way Lebanon, Pa 17042


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